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[   ] USC-OIA Special Virus Report.pdf                                                                                   643K  
[   ] Un combate con el Kerado.pdf                                                                                        41K  
[   ] Understanding Computer Viruses.pdf                                                                                 779K  
[   ] Understanding Virus Behavior in 32-bit Operating Environments.pdf                                                   65K  
[   ] Understanding and Managing Polymorphic Viruses.pdf                                                                  94K  
[   ] Unexpected Resutls [sic].pdf                                                                                        39K  
[   ] Universal Procedures to Protect Against Computer Viruses.pdf                                                       6.2K  
[   ] Unknown Computer Virus Detection Inspired by Immunity.pdf                                                          430K  
[   ] Unknown Malcode Detection and the Imbalance Problem.pdf                                                            1.2M  
[   ] Unknown Malcode Detection via Text Categorization and the Imbalance Problem.pdf                                    171K  
[   ] Unknown Malicious Code Detection # Practical Issues.pdf                                                            162K  
[   ] Unpredictable Legacies Viral Games in the Networked World.pdf                                                      200K  
[   ] Use of an Attenuated Computer Virus as a Mechanism for Teaching Epidemiology.pdf                                   320K  
[   ] User-mode memory scanning on 32-bit & 64-bit windows.pdf                                                           262K  
[   ] Using Code Normalization for Fighting Self-Mutating Malware.pdf                                                    121K  
[   ] Using Engine Signature to Detect Metamorphic Malware.pdf                                                           266K  
[   ] Using Entropy Analysis to Find Encrypted and Packed Malware.pdf                                                    467K  
[   ] Using Formal Grammar and Genetic Operators to Evolve Malware.pdf                                                   388K  
[   ] Using Malware to Improve Software Quality and Security.pdf                                                         160K  
[   ] Using Markov Chains to Filter Machine-morphed Variants of Malicious Programs.pdf                                    96K  
[   ] Using Plant Epidemiological Methods To Track Computer Network Worms.pdf                                            2.3M  
[   ] Using Predators to Combat Worms and Viruses A Simulation-Based Study.pdf                                           572K  
[   ] Using Qualia and Hierarchical Models in Malware Detection.pdf                                                      141K  
[   ] Using Spatio-Temporal Information in API Calls with Machine Learning Algorithms for Malware Detection.pdf          513K  
[   ] Using Support Vector Machine to Detect Unknown Computer Viruses.pdf                                                359K  
[   ] Using Verification Technology to Specify and Detect Malware.pdf                                                     81K  
[   ] Using Virtualisation to Protect Against Zero-Day Attacks.pdf                                                       1.1M  
[   ] Using biological models to improve innovation systems.pdf                                                          201K  
[   ] Using the KBTA method for inferring computer and network security alerts from time-stamped, raw system metrics.pdf 1.8M  
[   ] Utilizing Entropy to Identify Undetected Malware.pdf                                                               491K  
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