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[   ] Obfuscated dechiper routine analysis using theorem prover towards effective trusted computing.pdf  31K  
[   ] Old Win32 Code for a Modern Super-stealth Trojan.pdf                                              352K  
[   ] On Callgraphs and Generative Mechanisms.pdf                                                       1.8M  
[   ] On Computer Viral Infection and the Effect of Immunization.pdf                                    180K  
[   ] On Deriving Unknown Vulnerabilities from Zero-Day Polymorphic and Metamorphic Worm Exploits.pdf   191K  
[   ] On Effectiveness of Defense Systems against Active Worms.pdf                                      1.2M  
[   ] On Instant Messaging Worms, Analysis and Countermeasures [slides].pdf                             313K  
[   ] On JavaScript Malware and related threats.pdf                                                     436K  
[   ] On abstract computer virology from a recursion theoretic perspective.pdf                          178K  
[   ] On abstract computer virology from a recursion-theoretic perspective.pdf                          204K  
[   ] On behavioral detection.pdf                                                                       119K  
[   ] On self-reproducing computer programs.pdf                                                         6.2M  
[   ] On the Effectiveness of Address-Space Randomization.pdf                                           147K  
[   ] On the Infeasibility of Modeling Polymorphic Shellcode for Signature Detection.pdf                335K  
[   ] On the Performance of Internet Worm Scanning Strategies.pdf                                       249K  
[   ] On the Semantics of Self-Unpacking Malware Code.pdf                                               164K  
[   ] On the Spread of Viruses on the Internet.pdf                                                      218K  
[   ] On the Time Complexity of Computer Viruses.pdf                                                    206K  
[   ] On the definition and classification of cybercrime.pdf                                            117K  
[   ] On the functional validity of the worm-killing worm.pdf                                           116K  
[   ] On the trade-off between speed and resiliency of Flash worms and similar malcodes.pdf             487K  
[   ] One-hit models for virus inactivation studies.pdf                                                  92K  
[   ] Opcodes as Predictor for Malware.pdf                                                              660K  
[   ] Open Problems in Computer Virus Research.pdf                                                       42K  
[   ] Open problems in computer virology.pdf                                                            167K  
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