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[VID] Lecture 37 Overview of Hacking Concepts.mp4              1.3M  
[VID] Lecture 38 Hacking Defined.mp4                           1.2M  
[VID] Lecture 39 History of Hacking In the Beginning.mp4       5.6M  
[VID] Lecture 40 History of Hacking Currently.mp4              5.1M  
[VID] Lecture 41 Ethical Hacking Defined.mp4                   6.4M  
[VID] Lecture 42 What Skills Should an Ethical Hacker Have.mp4 4.1M  
[VID] Lecture 43 Type of Pen Tests.mp4                         1.8M  
[VID] Lecture 44 Why a Hacker Hacks.mp4                        4.9M  
[VID] Lecture 45 Types of Hackers.mp4                          4.6M  
[VID] Lecture 46 How Does Hacking Influence Companies.mp4       16M  
[VID] Lecture 47 Summary of Hacking Concepts.mp4               2.0M  
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