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[VID] Lecture 27 Overview of Threats and Attack Vectors.mp4 1.6M  
[VID] Lecture 28 Threats Hosts.mp4                          5.9M  
[VID] Lecture 29 Threats Natural & Physical.mp4             5.8M  
[VID] Lecture 30 Threats Applications.mp4                   4.5M  
[VID] Lecture 31 Threats Human.mp4                          5.3M  
[VID] Lecture 32 Threats Networks.mp4                       2.3M  
[VID] Lecture 33 Threats Where Do They Come From.mp4        2.8M  
[VID] Lecture 34 Attack Vectors.mp4                         7.6M  
[VID] Lecture 35 IPv6 Issues.mp4                            6.0M  
[VID] Lecture 36 Summary of Threats and Attack Vectors.mp4  1.1M  
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