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[VID] Lecture 63 Overview of Information Security Controls.mp4 1.2M  
[VID] Lecture 64 Necessity of Ethical Hacking.mp4              3.9M  
[VID] Lecture 65 What Skills You Must Have.mp4                 3.0M  
[VID] Lecture 66 Multi-layered Defense.mp4                     3.5M  
[VID] Lecture 67 Incident Management.mp4                       3.8M  
[VID] Lecture 68 IM Process.mp4                                3.7M  
[VID] Lecture 69 Security Policies.mp4                         3.1M  
[VID] Lecture 70 Taxonomy of Security Policies.mp4             4.7M  
[VID] Lecture 71 Vulnerability Research.mp4                     13M  
[VID] Lecture 72 Penetration Testing.mp4                       5.2M  
[VID] Lecture 73 Summary of Information Security Controls.mp4  3.8M  
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