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[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory                                           -   
[DIR] 1-The Truth About Living in a Technology Based World/      -   
[DIR] 10-Attack Types/                                           -   
[DIR] 11-Information Security Controls/                          -   
[DIR] 12-How to Prepare for the Certified Ethical Hacker Exam/   -   
[DIR] 2-Overview of the CEH Certification Program/               -   
[DIR] 3-How to Build a Lab to Hack Safely/                       -   
[DIR] 4-Installing and Configuring Your Windows Server VMs/      -   
[DIR] 5-Installing and Configuring Your Desktop VMs/             -   
[DIR] 6-Information Security Overview/                           -   
[DIR] 7-Security Threats and Attack Vectors/                     -   
[DIR] 8-Hacking Concepts/                                        -   
[DIR] 9-Hacking Phases/                                          -   
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